Guy Becomes A Literal Punching Bag To Work On His Abs Of Steel While Balancing On Gymnast Rings

If you wanted defined abs of steel you could do some hanging leg raises or some Russian twists or barbell ab rollouts or cable crunches. Or you could do as this fella does and attempt to balance yourself on gymnast rings as you get pummeled with punch after punch from some asshole.

In a video titled “Core Goals,” this extremely fit gentleman becomes a literal punching bad as he hangs from the ceiling and gets hit. Or maybe you could just do a couple sit-ups and call it a day without getting your Jersey Mikes #13 Italian hoagie that you had for lunch get punched out of you.

Based on his impressive six-pack, it would be hard to argue against his technique. But I’m betting on my multiple thick layers of chalupas, Choco-Tacos, and Swedish Fish around my midsection will also protect me from punches in my time of need.