Scientists Have Come Up With 3 Theories For The Purpose Of Female Orgasm, Since Some Men Have No Use For It

The female orgasm is one of the most mysterious and intriguing phenomenons that is known to Mankind. It is one of those things that every bro claims to be an expert in but few are truly adept at. Many men consider the female orgasm to be some sort of highly coveted Holy Grail, a magnificent gift from nature. This enigmatic marvel can be as strange, perplexing and mind-boggling as quantum theory, the Bermuda Triangle or black holes (sorry if you cannot get that imagery out of your head now).

Which is also why we are obsessed with increasing our understanding of the female orgasm, just look here, here and here. Now, let me put it to you that beyond trying to figure out whether your girl is faking it or not, there are other pertinent insights that scientists have been trying hard to discover. One of the biggest questions in science relates to the purpose of the female orgasm – even though I can already hear you screaming at me ‘who in the blue hell needs a freaking purpose?!’

Yes, I fully comprehend that the billions of dollar that goes into scientific research could be used to solve leading questions such as ‘what is the universe made of?’, ‘how did life begin?’ or ‘when are Martians going to land their UFOs on Earth and kick our asses?’

But come on, let’s face it – it is just much more fun to talk about the purpose of the female orgasm compared to say, the purpose of dreaming when we are asleep. So here are 3 theories for you to appreciate what is happening the next time your girl does (or does not) get the Big O.

According to sex researcher Dr. Lehmiller, whose previous jobs include teaching horny students at Harvard University about human sexuality, scientists have proposed at least three possible explanations in light of the fact that the female orgasm is not required for reproduction.

Sperm Retention Mechanism

The first theory posits that uterine contractions experienced by a woman when she orgasms may increase her chances of conception by drawing sperm further into her reproductive tract.

The support for this idea comes from a study where female participants collected ejaculate that seeped out of the vagina after sex, after which researchers performed sperm counts on the samples. For women who reached orgasm around the same time as their partners, the “flowback” samples contained less sperm compared to those who did not orgasm or reached orgasm before their partners.

Thus, the theory that female orgasm helps to retain sperm. And hopefully you wanted a child.

Identification of High-Quality Mates

The second theory speculates that the female orgasm is a feedback mechanism that informs women ‘that’s an extraordinary dude’ when they meet an awesome guy like me.

For example – when college women in a study had a partner with higher family income, greater self-confidence, and higher level of physical attractiveness, they reported a greater frequency of orgasm. I’m not sure if flashing a wad of cash will make that cute girl at the bar wet her panty, or if having more 000s on your passbook will give her more Os. So hey – don’t come after me if that doesn’t work.

The study also confirms that just like men, women wanna get laid with hotties as they reported that “greater physical attraction to one’s partner was also linked to having more intense orgasms and reports of greater sexual satisfaction.” Duh. So yes, the perfect combination would be to be as rich as Christian Grey AND look as good as him.

In short, “the quality of the sex women are having could potentially be influencing with whom women decide to become romantically involved.” Because having orgasm = I am having good sex = this guy must be alpha as fuck. Screw whoever who said women and men are so different.

Fuck-tastic Bonus

Lastly, this is the theory that I’m personally more inclined toward. Maybe scientists are all overthinking in order to justify continue researching about sex and collecting flowback samples from vaginas. We are complicating this shit too much. Perhaps there is no adaptive value to this whole thing and the pleasure is merely a “fantastic bonus” for women.

Dr. Lehmiller explains:

“Regardless of one’s biological sex, everyone initially looks the same in the womb. During the first two months of development, the genital structures are undifferentiated and have the potential to develop into either penises and scrotums or vulvas. The male and female genitals actually develop out of the very same embryonic tissues and nerve structures, and these structures are laid out in order to ensure orgasm if a male develops, given that the male orgasm is necessary for men to reproduce. Because men’s ability to reach orgasm is so heavily favored by our biology, it could be that the female orgasm is simply a byproduct of this.”

Thank God for this fuck-tastic bonus of nature.

To conclude – I say it’s great that (some) women orgasm during sex, simply because it feels so good for them, and otherwise why the hell would they have sex with us instead of running across the street to buy more batteries for their vibrators? What do you think?

Via Sex and Psychology

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