The Queen ‘Photobombed’ a ‘Selfie’ at the Commonwealth Games, Provided the Greatest Sentence of 2014

Queen Elizabeth II became the subject of this year’s finest sentence when she photobombed two Australian hockey players’ selfie.

OK, so she didn’t exactly photobomb anything and there’s great debate whether a candid shot of two people is actually a selfie.

But I wanted to write that sentence, dammit. Additionally, every other outlet is using those words and I’m nothing if not a lemming.

Jayde Taylor and Brookie Peris were just trying to take a flattering shot from above when Her Majesty came wandering into frame. This often happens with old people. I used to work at a nursing home kitchen and I can’t tell you how many times they showed up out of nowhere asking for crackers or soft fruit.

It was terrifying every single time.

[Via Jade Taylor]