Quitting Smoking For Two Years Only Adds 12 Hours To Your Life So Why Even Bother?

The following image is currently making the rounds on Reddit. It’s from an app called QuitNow, which helps motivate users to stop smoking. The person who posted it said, “It’s been 600 days. Never looking back.”


That’s chill dude. I’m happy for you. I’m currently at six month without a cigarette, so I know how hard it is.

But the part that got me here was the “life saved.” This guy was smoking about seven cigarettes a day, and quitting for two years has added 12 hours to his life? That’s… that ain’t shit. I’d much rather have the cigarettes and die a half day earlier. Wouldn’t you? I’d expect two years sans smokes to buy you at least a month. But nah.

So why bother? Aside from overburdening our already taxed health care system.

And again kudos, dude. You better spend those 12 hours drunk off your ass. I know I would.