This Bird Sounds EXACTLY Like R2D2 From ‘Star Wars’–Is The Worst Bird Ever

Why would you ever teach a bird to mimic the sounds or a robot from a movie? Don’t you know that once that bird learns those sounds that is ALL you’re going to hear, forever and ever and ever? THINK IT THROUGH, DAMMIT!

That didn’t stop whoever filmed this video from teaching their ‘budgie’, aka blue Budgerigar from learning the sounds, beeps, and boops of the beloved droid R2D2 from ‘Star Wars’. And my congratulations go out to them for this fine because of training they’ve done, because that bird does in fact sound like the droid. However, it’s obnoxious as f*ck and I want to strangle it like the ‘gas man’ from Dumb & Dumber.

So watch and learn why you should NEVER, under any circumstances, teach your bird/parrot the sounds of a robot:


This girl’s face at the end says it all:

“Please, make it stop…”


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