This Owl Is High, Laughing, And I Just Can’t You Guys

by 5 years ago


I fully understand that this owl is not Hedwig, and it’s not high, and Hedwig was never real to begin with. But that doesn’t mean this owl set to a laughing track doesn’t deserve its own wizard movie, right?

Let me pain the scenario for you…It’s spring break and you’ve decided to go skiing in Colorado, the marijuana dispensaries are everywhere, you meet your budtender and dive into the deep end of edibles. Then you try and walk around town whilst fighting off the impending 12-hour bout with laziness, there’s a flashing marquee and emblazoned on it are the words ‘This Owl & His Laughing Track’ — by J.K. Rowling, it’s a movie you’re NOT going to pass up whilst high. You grew up on the books of J.K. Rowling, and yet somehow this one about a laughing owl slipped through your cracks. You’d be a fool to skip seeing that.

Then you get to your seat after spending $30 on a ticket + small soda and popcorn…You actually start to freak out a little bit because you notice someone who looks like Pee-Wee Herman and for a brief moment think that maybe you accidentally stumbled into a porn theater…but then the lights go dark, and this video plays on repeat for the next 150 minutes:


Later you get back to school and try to relay the story from spring break, when you got blazed as hell and saw a laughing owl movie by J.K. Rowling and everyone thinks you’re a jackass and attention starved…but you know, you know it was all real.


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