Bro, Do You Even Lift Donkeys? Watch This (Probably) Drunk Man Squat A Fully-Grown Donkey

by 4 years ago


Watch this (probably) drunk Ukrainian bro squat a grown-ass donkey on his back, then think about everything you didn’t do at the gym today, and how delicious that fatty burger was you had for lunch.

I’m not saying this dude’s the vision of physical fitness, I’m merely saying that he just SQUATTED A FUCKING DONKEY and I skipped the gym last night to lobster soaked in lemon butter. Maybe this is more of a reflection on how shitty I feel about myself having skipped the gym last night, but still, this guy is insane.

How/why is he squatting that donkey? What in the actual hell is going on here?



Seriously bro, do you even lift?


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