Lady Who Went on Racist Tirade at Dollar Store Responds By Saying N-Word Is Not Racist

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One of the most important stories of our time, Lady Goes on Racist Tirade at Dollar Store, continues to unfold at an extremely rapid rate.

The woman, Janelle Ambrosia, went on radio station 93.7 this morning to give her side of the story. What do we learn? Despite repeated use of the n-word, she is not a racist because she “has a black cousin” and “I’m bipolar.” Well, guess our job here is done, let’s wrap this puppy up. Ruling: DECIDEDLY NOT RACIST.

Her rambling account of events is that the man almost hit her son with his car, and then called her a “crackheaded cracker,” which set her off. She also maintains that the n-word is actually not racist because if you look it up in the dictionary, it means “an ignorant person” and “has nothing to do with race.” Ohhhhhhhh! We just didn’t understand the word she was using. Got it, got it. We’re just getting hung up on semantics! It’s actually our fault.

Listen to the whole interview here. This lady is a nut job and it needs to be heard.


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