Faith In Humanity Restored: Watch This Racist Guy Get Thrown Out Of A Restaurant By Diners

How do you even function as a blatant racist in today’s world? Are these people filled with vitriol as they walk down the street and see people from different backgrounds all around them? Or do they save it for whenever they’re forced to actually interact with people? Being a racist seems like it’s a lot more effort than it’s worth.

Case in point: this douche from Australia who got himself kicked out of a Hungry Jacks in South Australia for saying that he wanted his food “made by a white person. I refuse it.” When another customer asks what’s wrong with a Chinese person serving him, he responds with

 ‘Everything. You’re not f***ing… you don’t belong here do ya?’

Another member of staff asks him to leave, sparking more anger. ‘At least I’m born here c***! Where do you come from? F***ing Africa and Asia? Disgusting.’

A customer then intervenes saying ‘We’re all Australians, mate’, before escorting him out of the restaurant.

Via Metro

The guy was later arrested, but this just reeks of “I’m trying to go viral on the Internet” to me. For one, if you don’t like who’s serving you shitty fast food then just go to another shitty fast food restaurant. Two, there is no conceivable way this guy functions in public if he has a meltdown every time some person who isn’t white approaches him. Three, there’s no better place for a video to go viral than in a fast food joint. You always expect ratchet fucks to be ratcheting around in those places, and people love to have their preconceived notions confirmed even if it’s with bullshit information.

Tl;dr: fuck this guy for being a racist, and also fuck him for probably staging this entire thing.

[H/T Metro]