Racist Scumbag Unloads On Muslim Uber Driver In NYC, Says ‘Trump Is President Now — They’ll Deport You Soon!’

Pretty brutal video to watch from Astoria, Queens, one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in New York City. According to the Washington Post, the following video was recorded by a Muslim Uber driver this past Thursday morning. The asshole in the white SUV claims that Trump is going to deport him before going on a huge tirade calling him a loser, amongst other racist slurs and insults.

Cody, who’s also a doctoral student studying modern world history at St. Johns University, said Mohammed told him the attack was unprovoked.

“I could tell he was upset,” Cody said. “He didn’t tell me exactly why he decided to take a video. I think he was just so shocked by what happened.”

Cody said that Mohammed was initially hesitant, but that he was able to persuade him to send the video to him, so Cody could share it on social media. He said Mohammed was unsure about reporting the incident to police and does not want his full name to be known.

The last couple weeks have really brought out society’s worse. No one should have to be subjected to verbal abuse like that. Quit this shit and move on with your lives, America.

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