Radio Shack Is Having An ‘Everything Must Go’ Sale And My God I Can’t Tell If They’re Trolling Us

by 10 months ago


You really gotta tip your cap to Radio Shack, they’ve been dying for like 10 years and just refuse to call it quits. In March, U.S. electronics chain filed for bankruptcy for the second time in a little over two years, following 11 consecutive quarterly losses. RadioShack is in the midst of closing approximately 200 stores and will evaluate options on the remaining 1,300, the company said in a statement.

Even when it’s stores began to eat each other, Radio Shack still remained the number 3 place your grandmother would look for a walkie talkie. Pure resilience.

Radio Shack has fully embraced its demise, evident in the recent live tweeting of various stores selling their used office furniture. The once electronics giant is now treating their closing like a garage sale. Every penny counts.


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