Video Shows The Moment A Ranger Is Viciously Mauled By Crocodile During Zoo Show

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A zoo ranger looks like a fun job. You get to interact with exotic animals from all over the planet. However, maybe you should have some self-preservation and avoid being a zoo ranger that tends to lions, tigers and crocodiles. When it’s time to volunteer for what animal you want to go into the cages to feed and clean shit, maybe you look down at the ground when crocodiles come into the conversation, then raise your hand to care for parakeets or lemurs or some animal that wasn’t designed to tear your face off.

Renee Robertson is a ranger at the Billabong Sanctuary near Townsville in Australia, and she had the misfortune of working in the crocodile exhibit. She was a spotter during one of the crocodile shows when an 8-foot prehistoric beast emerged from the water and charged at Robertson. The killing machine lunged at the ranger, knocking her to the ground and then mauled her arm.

A fellow ranger came over to fend off the female crocodile named “Tipper” that was tearing Robertson’s arm to shreds. You can hear the wails of pain from Robertson as the crocodile gnaws at her arm as a shocked crowd watches in horror. It took several whacks from a stick for the croc to unlock its jaws from the 25-year-old’s limb.

Robertson was taken to Townsville hospital where she was fully conscious, but had suffered a “significant arm injury.”

“There was no nerve damage so that was the best news we could have had,” Bob Flemming, the owner of the Billabong Sanctuary said.

Parakeets and lemurs people. Parakeets and lemurs.

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