Bro Tweets A Hilarious Rant About The Vicious Cycle Of Being Broke



Being broke is a vicious cycle. When you make it to pay day, you feel like you have a million dollars in your bank account. Then it slowly disappears, getting gobbled up into rent, car payments, insurance, health insurance, groceries, bills, etc.

Budgeting helps, but nothing can prevent the financial blow of a health emergency or a massive repair on your car. So you go from splurging on Annie’s Mac’n Cheese for dinner a couple nights to eating nothing but tuna fish and $.25 packets of ramen noodles.

Twitter user @wenotsocks has some pretty funny insight about being broke. As you might recall, he’s the Bro who tweeted about having his mind blown when he moved in with his girl back in June.

If you’ve ever been broke, you know that the struggle is so damn real.

broke-rant - 1

broke-rant - 2

broke-rant - 3

broke-rant - 4

broke-rant - 5

broke-rant - 6

broke-rant - 7

broke-rant - 8

broke-rant - 9

broke-rant - 10

broke-rant - 11

broke-rant - 12

broke-rant - 13

broke-rant - 14

broke-rant - 15

broke-rant - 16

broke-rant - 17

Oh, and about that McDonald’s drive-thru situation:

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