The Rapper Who Cut Off His Own Penis Is Somehow Sounding Even Crazier Now

Andre Johnson is a 41-year-old rapper once affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan. You might remember him as the guy who cut off his own penis and then jumped out a window.

You’d think that’d be sort of the apex of crazy in the story. But nope. Johnson was interviewed by the New York Daily News and sounds, well, just like the kind of guy who would slice off his penis in a PCP-induced haze.

The Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated rapper who cut off his own penis in a drug-fueled delirium last April is rebutting reports that surgeons re-attached his private part.

“Doctors didn’t reattach it, but I definitely have some penis left,” Northstar rapper Christ Bearer, whose real name is Andre Johnson, told the Daily News Monday.

“I always say a penis is a penis. And the sensation is still there. I definitely still get extremely aroused if I see a beautiful woman,” he continued.

Good. Good. Good. But you sound sane. Got any crazier thoughts on your self-mutilation?

“That being said, I definitely believe sex is for mortals, and I am god. So this is a blessing, not a curse.”

But is there a why?

Johnson said he had been studying some literature about monks and vasectomies and was extremely high [on PCP] when he took the knife to his genitals and jumped.

Sure. Why not?

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