The Gates To Hell Are In Australian Waters, And Currently Leaking Sharks Straight Out Of Horror Flicks

The gates to Hell are in Victorian waters off the coast of Australia, and they are currently leaking ancient and rare sharks so terrifying we can only assume they’ve been sent up from the fiery depths to collect the souls of wayward fishermen.

The Frilled Shark species reportedly dates back some 80 million years, and this shark sports 25 rows of teeth, sporting 300 teeth in total. That’s 300 razor sharp fangs that are at any given time capable of shredding off the limbs of a fishermen who hopped in the water to wash off the stink from banging too many mermaids.

Recently one of these Frilled Sharks was caught off the coast of Victoria in Australia, so it’s now safe to assume that the coast of Australia is where the gates to Hell lie.

This thing looks like the shark equivalent of those Hell Hounds from Ghostbuster’s (more pics at the bottom of this post)

Australia’s ABC Rural has the story:

The species, whose ancestry dates back 80 million years, is known as the ‘living fossil’.

It was caught on a fishing trawler in waters near Lakes Entrance in the state’s Gippsland region.

Simon Boag, from the South East Trawl Fishing Association, said it was the first time in living memory that a frilled shark had been sighted.

“We couldn’t find a fisherman who had ever seen one before,” he said.

“It does look 80 million years old. It looks prehistoric, it looks like it’s from another time!”

He said local fishermen were left scratching their heads at the sight of the two-metre-long creature, whose head and body resemble an eel, but whose tail is more reminiscent of a shark.

The CSIRO confirmed it to be a frilled shark, and while the species is known to the scientific community, it was a nonetheless rare and bizarre find for local fishermen.

“It has 300 teeth over 25 rows, so once you’re in that mouth, you’re not coming out,” Mr Boag said.

“Good for dentists, but it is a freaky thing. I don’t think you would want to show it to little children before they went to bed.”

The species has been found as deep as 1,500 metres, but generally it lives in waters shallower than 1,200 metres.

Mr Boag said this frilled shark was caught at 700 metres, but there should not be any concern about repeat catches.

I guess it’s safe to assume that NOBODY would ever be swimming at a depth of anywhere close to 1,500 meters, or even the 700 meters at which this fish was caught. But it’s quite unsettling to know that the Gates to Hell have opened up wide and have begun to leak sharks into our seas. Is this punishment for centuries of pillaging the seas at will? Or is it simply due to the declining levels of Christianity in Western Civilization? I guess we’ll never know…

But holy shit you guys, just look at this damn shark:

For more on this absurd catch, you can head on over to ABC Rural and read the story HERE.