This Rare GoPro Footage Of Outer Space Will Have You Feeling Like Neil Armstrong

Have you ever wondered what a trip to space would really be like? I mean, sure, for about $250,000 you can buy a ticket on a Virgin flight to get there, but a) you have ZERO cash to do that and b) that’s not going to give you the experience you want.

Rather than start saving your money, though, just watch that video above and see what our atmosphere looks like from way up above, because this GoPro captured it all for us to see.

A couple years ago, a student named Bryan Chan and his buddies attached the camera to a weather balloon with a camcorder and phone, sending it upward to see what footage they could get of the Grand Canyon and the stratosphere.

When the cell coverage and signals dropped, though, they lost track of the thing and figured the journey was over, with Chan explaining the whole idea in a Reddit post.

Turns out that a hiker—more than two years later—discovered the GoPro in a desert, recently, with the woman working for AT&T, which allowed her to identify the SIM card and its contents.

Thanks to a lucky twist of fate, we can save a quarter of a million bucks and see outer space from the video. Technology is pretty cool, bros.


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