Watch Two Ratchet Chicks Beat The McShit Out Of Some McDonald’s Employees Because Breakfast Wasn’t Available

by 4 years ago


Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m an empathetic person who actually cares about the emotions of people other than myself. I tried to do that with these two ratchet chicks flipping shit over McDonald’s breakfast no longer being available since it was probably, what, like 11:05 maybe? I don’t know. That’s pretty close to the cut-off time, right?

Either way I can’t get over the fact that I’d choose a double quarter pounder over a McPancake or whatever they call their breakfast slop over there these days, which means that I’m not empathetic and that these chicks are just the perfect example of why people laugh at McDonald’s trying to become “fancier.” Fancy restaurants don’t have obese people in hot pink tracksuits flipping tables and punching employees as far as I’m aware, but then again I only frequent the finest Wendy’s around town so I’m exactly a reliable source on how the other side lives.

[H/T My Fox Philly]