McDonalds Is About To Get Fancy By Having A ‘Create Your Own’ Burger Option And It DOESN’T Look Like Shit

Everyone knows that the ads for fast food aren’t accurate depictions of what you’re gonna get once you waltz through those gold double arches and order…well, anything on the menu, really. You get what you pay for though, in which case it comes as no surprise that most fast food comes out looking like this:

However, McDonald’s is looking to ramp up their menu by offering a “create your own” burger option in an effort to compete with high-end burger chains. I don’t know who came up with that joke since there’s no way in fuck that McDonalds is ever going to be considered “high-end,” but would I be more willing to eat at a McDick’s if their food looked like this?

Of course I would. Unfortunately the “create your own” option hasn’t yet become a widespread practice at McDick’s.

McDonald’s is ditching its plastic trays and counter service for a more “gourmet” dining experience.

But the chain’s first foray into ‘create your own’ burgers will be confined to one restaurant in Australia.

One of the first restaurants to offer a create your own option has been filmed from beginning to end – and delivers a meal more in keeping with a high-end burger chain.

The format is being road tested by the branch in Castle Hill, Sydney, where customers can choose whatever they want from a 19 ingredient list.

Burger lovers can choose anything from the type of bun to how many tortilla strips or pineapple chunks they want.

Customers enter their choices at an automated kiosk before taking their seat and waiting for their order to be brought to their table.

Via Mirror

While I’m not sure that I’m brave enough to try guacamole from a McDonald’s, I’m digging the fact that you get to use a touch screen to make your order rather than deal with some idiot behind a counter who doesn’t know the difference between Canadian vs regular bacon. In other words, bring on our robot overlords if it means less human interactions with people I hate.

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