Video Guy Claims To Be Able To Read Your Mind Separately Depending On If You’re A Guy Or A Girl, Is FREAKY Accurate

Look, I know the most logical explanation for this is that certain numbers add up in certain ways and that the series of math problems he has you perform make it more likely that whatever number you picked ends up as one of his ending guesses. I’m not stupid. When watching these videos I always try to pick a number no one ever uses (seven is for scrubs), so in this case I picked four…

…and he guessed right at the end.

MOTHER FUCKER. I don’t like being outsmarted by some dick with a sharpie and a bunch of ripped sheets of construction paper, yet here I am, sitting here stupid with my thumb up my ass. If he doesn’t pick your number, then congrats you are smarter (or at least luckier) than I am. If he does, well…at least I’m not alone then. Welcome to Martinsonville, population: us.