Real-Life Andy Dufresne Tries To Escape Jail By Climbing Through Toilet, Gets Stuck Instead, Dragged Out By His Feet

Andy Dufresne was facing two life sentences when he took it upon himself to crawl through a literal tunnel of shit in order to obtain his freedom back. The unnamed man in this video, however – well we don’t know what sort of sentence he was facing. But assuming it wasn’t two life sentences or even just one lil’ ol’ regular one, crawling through a communal toilet in an attempt to escape jail doesn’t seem worth it to me. Like, I could handle a year in prison over crawling through poop. Hell I could maybe even do five years over crawling through poop. 20 years is pushing it and at that point I might even consider having someone poop on my head as a test-run to see if I could stomach it, but regardless of whatever length of a sentence this guy was facing it clearly wasn’t worth it since he wound up getting caught in the end.

Imagine swimming around in feces…for basically no reason. That’s what wound up happening to this guy. According to Mirror,

A prisoner found himself in deep trouble – quite literally – after attempting a Shawshank Redemption style escape from a jail via the communal toilet.

In the footage, the man is seen attempting to slither head first through the hole in the ground, his body completely covered in excrement.

As the man attempts to wriggle through the clogged sewerage pipes, two men grab hold of his legs and pull him back out of the hole.

The prison the unnamed man was attempting to escape from is reportedly located in Brazil, however the exact location remains unclear. Since being uploaded to only one week ago the video has been viewed more than 135,000 times.

[H/T Mirror]

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