Bro Has A Real Life ‘YOU PC, BRO?!’ Experience When He Shows His Friend Funny Texts With His Girlfriend


South Park

Justice warriors can be pretty obnoxious. But when they personally attack you for the way you communicate with another person? That’s the worst. That’s worse than the worst. That’s enough to make you question your entire friendship with a person, especially if it’s over something private and petty.

This dude on Reddit literally had the ultimate “YOU PC, BRO?!” moment a la South Park. Basically, he showed some funny text messages to his friend — a chick — between himself and a girlfriend about periods. His friend didn’t think they were funny at all. She had NO CHILL and basically tried to ruin his life.

Consider this a cautionary tale to avoid drama in your life, Bros.

Going to start off by saying that this person is/was a really good friend before this, this is happening right now.

  1. Start seeing a girl
  2. Girl and I have fucked up thoughts and say the worst things to each other.
  3. We love each other a fucking ton
  4. End up showing an out of context joke between us about her period
  5. Basically saying things like “bitch you wanted this, you asked for it, you like this don’t you, yeah take this goopy mess you little bitch” to each other. We (me and the girlfriend) think its hilarious.
  6. I being the stupid shit I am, think my good friend will also find it hilarious.
  7. NOPE
  8. Turns out she is a huge feminist, justice warrior ever (her words not mine, had to google justice warrior) and is calling me every fucking name in the book (sexist, misogynist, woman hater, insensitive cis male, etc), has started making flamatry posts about me on facebook and twitter.
  9. The fucked up part is that the girlfriend was the one who said the things she is upset about. GF is now defending me, and they are fighting, GF has expressed she wants me to drop this person as a friend.
  10. Girl has threatened to bring friends to “teach me a lesson” to my GF.
  11. GF laughed and told her to do it, she knows I can stand my ground, and said she will be there to watch.

At this point… I’m not sure what to do. This went from funny to me having to potentially defend myself for my GF jokes about herself to some overly sensitive person…

TL;DR GF & I joke around about periods, tell friend, she blows out of proportion and threatens me with violence, GF escalates situation.

It doesn’t end there, though! He blocked her and then she WENT IN to his work in an attempt to get him fired:

UPDATE 1 I blocked her. (This only added fuel to the fire according to GF, who has yet to block her)

UPDATE 2 Her friends are jumping in on it, messaging me directly. Apparently, I promote rape, and self hate.

UPDATE 3 They contacted my place of work. (My boss is calling me…)

UPDATE 4 My boss is on the floor laughing, didn’t know feminists were a real thing

UPDATE 5 WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER THIS HAS BEEN. So one kid, lets say his name is John, asks me if I said those things (wow, what a cool dude, everyone else just jumped on me), I tell John which one were mine and which one were hers, he tells me that’s not what the girl is telling everyone, and how she is portraying it, so my GF confirms what I’m saying to John.

Now John is livid… John hates being lied to. John is a really cool dude at this point in my eyes, I can see us being bros. So John goes back to this hivemind, and essentially starts telling them the true story. John is one of us to them so they all start believing John and turning on the girl.

Girl posts a video of her crying (GF shows me), saying that John is spreading lies, and now nobody is believing her. John comes back saying that this girl likes me, and was trying to break me and my GF up. I have no idea how she would do that, since it was my GF messages. She thought if people hated me my GF would leave me?? what?

She tells my GF to tell me she is sorry, and has started deleting all of her posts and videos, and my GF told her that I want nothing to do with this, and she’s toxic, etc, and to go cry to someone else.

TL;DR John is a total bro, girl gets ousted from her hivemind, GF tells girl to get ricked, and girl was trying to use this to sabotage my relationship.

Holy shit, did this just divulge to a high school soap opera?

Thank God there’s one “total bro” in this situation. The fact that it went on this long shows a severe anti-Broness by the people in your life. The world needs more Bros to keep their chill.

Except your girl. She’s cool.