Here’s The Best Reason I’ve Seen Not To Do Flaming Shots

Flaming shots have always kinda freaked me out. What percentage of bartenders do you think are really trained in how to do that stuff? I know a lot of idiot bartenders. I’m not sure why we assume that since they’re behind a bar, they all of a sudden know what they’re doing.

I would trust Jon Taffer, and Jon Taffer only, to make me a flaming shot. Maybe one of his mixologist experts, but even that would be a stretch.

I certainly wouldn’t let some random broad from Lithuania start basically making a Molotov cocktail inches from my face. I also loved her reaction once shit goes down. She just grabs a stack of napkins and throws them at him –

Sorry, honey, no amount of napkins thrown into the air are gonna put this fire out. Nice try though, appreciate your concern, as my face slowly melts off my face.