Top 10 Reasons Why We Should All Drink Beer

by 5 years ago

As amazing as this is, it's not really something that we get moist over when reading, and to be frank, it's not really the reason why we drink the stuff. So to clarify: scientific evidence is boring, but first-hand experiences and having fun while consuming alcohol is.

So, we have devised our top 10 reasons why beer should be consumed — and no sign of science with its greasy mittens!

10. Beer Can Prolong Your Life
Okay, we lied. Well, we didn't, as the whole article isn't going to be based around the health benefits of beer, but it's definitely worth a mention. Put it this way, when we are in our 90s and we are still going strong we can say we told you so. Then again, if we don't make it past 50 then it doesn't matter as it's too late then – Lisa, it's your fault.

So, if you want a stronger heart/bones, and want a healthier body then you know what to do. We don't know about you, but we try to avoid strokes when we can and it seems beer holds the key to this too.

9. You Become More Creative
We don't need a study to tell us that beer makes you more creative as we know first hand — it's amazing what you can create beer bongs out of. In fact, we compile top 10 lists all the time and it wasn't until after a few beers that the idea for this list was born. Just remember: Just as long as you're not this creative, you will be fine.

This then leads us on to our next point

8. You're Never Bored
If a group of friends get together, drink and then become bored then you are either doing it wrong or you are drinking non-alcoholic beer. The sky is really the limit; although, you should really keep away from high places.

Even if it's as stupid as creating something with the empty beer creates, or a new theory about why time doesn't really exists, you are usually bored free with great ideas popping into your head.

7. Beer Makes You More Outgoing
Remember that time Graham suggested that you and the boys should go to Amsterdam, but all you could think of was the money situation and the angry conversation you would have to have with the partner? Well, if Graham asked while you were drinking the chances are you would have booked the whole holiday that night. It's then too late, which means you and the boys are jetting off to Amsterdam in 2 weeks.

6. You're Helping the Economy
Everything you buy, you are paying tax on, and beer is one of these. And with states such as Tennessee taxing beer at $1.17 per gallon, your money is contributing a lot towards the economy.  So the next time your mum tells you to get off your ass and find a job, tell her you are doing your bit when you're drinking your beers.

5. Meet New People
You can actually go on beer tours where you can experience not only new culture and cities, but you will make new Bros along the way.

There are reasons why pubs are everywhere (probably to make money). They are a way for people to socialize with one another and this is made easy when people are all drinking.

4. You're More Fun to be Around
Take the world's most boring person (hopefully not you) and give them a few pints of beer to drink, and wait. The only thing we can compare this to is: Catching a Magikarp and the day after it evolves in a Gyarados. Why would you want a pointless Magikarp when you could own a godlike Gyarados? The same goes with sober boring people.

Caution: If beer doesn't make you fun then there is no hope for you

3. Beer Makes Everyone Get Laid
We are a society that is based on looks (just look at any A-list celebrity), but we weren't all born with the good-looking gene. Which means some people are prone to “getting some” most nights, and others, not so much. But thanks to the “beer goggles”, it means those of us who are out of certain people's leagues, can at least turn up for tryouts — with a high rate of making the team.

2. It Makes Awful Movies Awesome
Pick an old-school kung fu movie or one that has terrible CGI and watch it sober — the chances are it will be terrible. Now watch the same movie with some friends and some beers and the chances are it will be great. You will end up laughing at how terrible it is and how bad the effects are. An added bonus would be to try and make a drink game out of it.

1. Don't Anger God
We are sure beer made it into the bible in a negative way somehow — everything else managed to. But, it's not uncommon for Monks to brew their own beer and sell it to raise money for charity. Yeah, that's right. Not only does drinking the monks' beer help raise money for charity, but you don't want god to smite you, do you?