You Gotta See This Record-Breaking Drug Bust Of 15 Tons Of Weed Valued At $19 Million

With all the chatter of states legalizing marijuana and bills being introduced to make weed legal on a federal level, its easy to forget that cannabis is still illegal in most of the country. However this record-breaking drug bust shows that it’s not legal to not give the government their cut.

We take you to the Otay Mesa cargo port near San Diego, the third-busiest commercial port of entry on the Mexico-United States border. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers inspected a truck that was claiming to be transporting bed mattresses, but it had a much, much more valuable payload. An x-ray tipped off an official who noticed it didn’t look like mattresses, and upon further inspection found 15 tons of sticky icky. PARTY TIME!

Inspectors discovered a mind-blowing 1,296 packages containing about 31,598 pounds of ganja, an estimated street value of approximately $18.96 million. The driver, who might be the most trusted man in the world, was a 46-year-old Mexican citizen with a valid border crossing card. The tractor-trailer and the mountain of pot were all seized by CBP officers. Right now there’s a very unhappy cartel leader having the worst day ever.

The ginormous drug seizure eclipses the previous record at Otay Mesa cargo port of entry; in 2003 there were 19,999 pounds of stank confiscated. However it’s not the largest seizure ever recorded by CBP officers; that was in 2013 when they sequestered 35,265 pounds of weed at the Calexico East port of entry. That’s enough to fill a Scrooge McDuck swimming pool and go swimming in the shit.

Authorities have yet to comment if Johnny Chimpo is involved.