How To Recover From An All-Nighter When You Have Work The Next Day

by 3 years ago

I’m the worst hungover person of all time. Whenever I get hungover, I puke until 3pm the next day or until my stomach lining starts to come out. Whichever comes first. I don’t know what happened to me, I never used to be this way, but my hangovers these days are violent and if I have work that day, my productivity at isn’t just reduced, it’s non-fucking-existent. It’s so bad that I barely drink during the week anymore. (Look at me, choosing to be a good employee over destroying my lived. My how the mighty have fallen.)

If you’re like me, you probably can’t benefit from this video. Our shit is the most aggressive strain of hangovers the world has ever known. But if you’re just a normal guy who gets a slight headache, and doesn’t need to void his bowels from every orifice before he feels ok, then give it a whirl.

And ladies, if you like the sensual voice narrating that video, David Covucci could hook you up with the guy behind it. Or so he told our entire editorial chatroom.


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