‘Refined Southern Gentleman’ Seeking Manhattan Roommate Who is Cool With Gangbangs

I'm a refined southern gentleman in my 30s, coming up to New York City in May, where a segment of my business has been steadily growing over the last few years. I'm looking for an apartment in Manhattan to live and work in. . ..My work happens to be adult entertainment, which obviously requires a roommate with a comfort level for such things. I'd be hosting private lingerie viewings, sensual-theme affairs, and photoshoots; as well as more explicit events like orgies, gangbangs, as well as some xxx filming.

The apartment should be well-appointed, as these are by no means lowscale gatherings. Guests are of distinguished caliber and the trim and furnishings of the environment should reflect that. Things would be conducted in such a fashion that neighbors and passersby aren't aware of the doings inside – it would be ideal if the unit facilitated that.

I'm obviously a very open minded individual, but I'm also quite low-key, discreet, highly dependable. Sex doesn't sell itself, believe it or not, and being successful in a business like this requires an even-keeled, competent purveyor. So you'd be sharing your apartment with a very centered individual; I'd like the same in my housemate.

If interested, please tell me a little about you, about the place, and about your requirements. I'm flexible on terms, location, etc. We can correspond more thoroughly and determine if we might be a good fit.

If you think you fit the bill, be sure to throw your hat into the ring. We’d love to know how it works out.

[H/T: Craigslist]