Man Fills Fridge With Explosive Tannerite And Shoots it With A Gun, Nearly Dies From Explosion

Step 1: fill a refrigerator with highly explosive Tannerite, the same explosive material often used on MythBusters.

Step 2: move really far away from the fridge, hide behind a tree, and shot the explosive-packed refrigerator with a gun.

Step 3: come within inches of dying after the door of the refrigerator comes flying at you even though you’re about 100 yards away.

…Did I miss anything? No. Didn’t think so.

It is possible that the people behind this video are trying to pull a fast one on everybody, but I’ll let you bros be the judge of that. We can sit here all day and watch that GIF on repeat as the refrigerator door comes flying at the tree.

Pants were shat. May not literally, but there were certainly some figurative pantaloons soiled after the fridge’s door ricocheted off the tree.

I’ve never seen Tannerite in person, but from what I’ve gathered it’s a pretty safe and reliable explosive to work with and by that I mean it’s not particularly volatile. So they would be able to pack that fridge completely full if they wanted to and get a safe distance. I didn’t, however, realize that it was explosive enough to send a 40-pound door flying that far across a field…thoughts?

(h/t Motherboard)