This ‘Modern Family’ Star’s Struggle With Body Dysmorphia And Cosmetic Surgery Addiction Is Truly Eye-Opening

by 3 years ago

Reid Ewing, who many of you know as Haley’s sometimes boyfriend Dylan on Modern Family, has a story that anyone who obsessively worries about their looks should hear.

He suffers from body dysmorphia which is a disorder that makes him see imaginary or exaggerated flaws in his physical appearance. Ewing at one point had it so bad that he even became addicted to cosmetic surgery.

The shocking part? Of all the surgeons he met with and worked on him, not one ever did a psychological evaluation to see if there was more going on with him than mere vanity.

If you know someone who feels like they might fit this profile then watch this video and perhaps share it. It might actually change someone’s life.

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