Jerk Spits In A Reporter’s Face, Reporter Responds By Punching Him So Fast Mike Tyson Would Be Impressed

As much as you might hate seeing a scumbag criminal spitting in a reporter’s face you have to love the reaction time/reflexes on that man. He didn’t even flinch, he just tried to duck out of the way of that loogie, cocked back and socked that dude in the face. Reflexes so quick Iron Mike would not his head in approval.

Brazil is taking so much shit these days leading up to the Rio Olympics (about 90 or so days out from now). They’ve got deplorable water quality, the country is amidst a Zika Virus crisis, crime is an unavoidable fact of life. One thing they’re doing right though is allowing their reporters freedom to act like human beings.

Imagine if a criminal spit in the face of a U.S. reporter on live TV, that person would be fired before they made it back to the news truck. No appeals, that reporter would get sent packing.

(via Daniel Noel YouTube)

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