Girl Gets Wicked Revenge On A Food Thief In One Of The Most Disgusting Ways Possible

by 2 years ago
food thief revenge


A girl was tired of someone stealing the food out of her dorm refrigerator so she decided to exact some revenge. Some very NASTY revenge.

To make matters worse, this thief was not just eating their food, the thief was eating only parts of the food. So when she saw a block of cheese with a single bite taken out of it that was all she could take.

Shared by the girl’s boyfriend, Imgur user porialex, here’s how it all went down.

Warning: This might make you swear off ordering pizza for a few days. (Eh, probably not.)

First, she bought a pizza.

food thief revenge 1


Then she cut open one of the slices.

food thief revenge 2


Next, she placed a dead lizard into the slice.

food thief revenge 3


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