Here’s a Picture of a Rhino About to Attack Two Tourists

Chantal Beyer, 24, was visiting the South African nature park with her husband when they stopped to look at some rhinos.

Afrikaans-language newspaper the Beeld reported that guide Alex Richter then advised them to stand a little closer seconds before the animal gored her from behind.

He allegedly told a group of visitors to get out of their vehicle to take photos and even encouraged the rhinos to come closer with food.

Just after the picture was taken, a huge bull rhino attacked, and its horn penetrated Ms Beyers' chest from behind, resulting in a collapsed lung and broken ribs.


I'm sure you have the urge to yell “Darwin Award!” right now (I know I did), but keep in mind Beyer is in intensive care, and she ultimately was just following the directions of her guide, who she didn't know was a moron. So, yeah, if you find yourself on a safari in the future, don't be afraid to question the advice of a guy just because he's wearing a Greg Norman hat. Rhinos = prehistoric killing machines.