This ‘Rich Kids Of Russia’ Instagram Account Taught Me Two Things: 1.) Russia Has Some BABES 2.) I’m Poor

Yacht day☀️🛥 – @anastasiyakot #rrk #RichRussianKids #yacht #mauritius #girls

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So I’ve been scrolling down the rabbit hole of this Rich Russian Kids Instagram account for a good many minutes now and I have a lot to process. I was under the assumption that everywhere in Russia is a cold, desolate wasteland. I pictured everyone in fur coats just meandering around smoking cigarettes and causing mischief.

Like most of my baseless assumptions, I was wrong.

Russia appears to be a paradise, if you are the offspring of an oligarch. Russia also shelters many incredibly hot women, I have also recently learned. I don’t know man, just a lot to process. While I iron all this out, check out these incredibly not ugly people in incredible not desolate places.

Прекрасное утро😻🍑⛰ – by @ridakashipova w/ @chernova686 #RRK #RichRussianKids #view #thailand #pool

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Mind fuck, man.

[h/t Daily Mail]