‘Top Gear’ Host Richard Hammond Is Absolutely Insane, Rides On Top Of A Flying Plane

by 3 years ago

One thing that I’ve always regretted with myself in life is that I really don’t think I’m all that extreme. Sure, I’ve done some crazy shit in my day, but getting drunk, stripping down naked and jumping into a filty-ass canal like an ugly American in Amsterdam doesn’t exactly build street cred.

One guy who has absolutely demolished me in the hunt for badassery? Richard Hammond, who is the host of the British TV program Top Gear, which is one of the most successful shows on the planet thanks to the daredevil stunts and insane features on cars, planes and, well, shit that tends to be action-packed.

While there have been plenty of moments where the show caused viewers to drop their jaws in amazement, I can’t help but think that Hammond riding on top of a fucking plane while in-flight has to be near the top of the list.

I mean, fuck, the dude is just chilling on top of this thing as if he were sitting on a balcony reading the morning paper, casually taking part in the plane’s wild, aerial tricks, with Hammond screaming as loud as he could for the whole thing.

Some people are afraid to sit inside of a plane that’s thousands of feet above ground, but Richard Hammond proves that his balls are just a little bit bigger than most people’s—as he put his life on the line all in the name of TV.

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