Attention Thirsty Guys… Stop Sending Girls Ridiculous Stories As Tinder Icebreakers



Yesterday we showed you a ridiculous Tinder story icebreaker from a thirsty dude who did a copy pasta from all sorts of corners of the Internet. Today a female BroBible reader who’s a college student in Florida informed us that (A. someone had sent her that exact same Tinder message many many moons ago and (B. A Bro by the name of Joey sent her a ridiculous Tinder story.

I’m not so sure this is a wise technique for, like, actually hooking up. You get a couple of laughs with your friends and maybe a response, but since we live in a world where girls who date online are mostly worried about meeting a psychopath, 97% of ladies are just going to go “NOPE” and swipe on with their lives. Once you get the ridiculous story out of the way (…that you found on the Internet and weren’t creative enough to come up with yourself), what the hell else is there to talk about?

I reached out to our female tipster to get a little perspective from the opposite sex. Here’s what she had to say:

Usually, I block people who bring up doing sexual acts, especially in the first initial message. However, when Derek sent me that message, I was amused. I decided to message him back about how he just sent me the best Tinder message I’ve ever received, and gave him props. I immediately shared the message with my roommates, and now have the Tinder story to top most Tinder stories. These stories are obviously disrespectful, but they are definitely worth sharing and gossiping about with your friends! If they are creatively long and humorous, I will respond positively, a first message with sexual comments, you will get either a sarcastic response and a block, or a straight up block. If something sounds tacky, but you can tell they tried and weren’t creepy about it, I will message back.
 Guys, what do you think? If it works 1 out of 99 times, keep it up? Ladies, your thoughts? Comments.

Tinder/BroBible Reader Tip


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