Check Out These Dudes Riding Cases Of Beer Down A Hill Like Champions

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Back in the day, when I worked at a country club, we had minimal supervision when it came to handling the empty kegs when they were kicked. So, while waiting for some stupid wedding to be over, we’d have keg toss competitions on a massive hill near the clubhouse that sat towards the top of the 9th hole. We’d hit some pretty impressive distances, my personal longest being at least 1000-some feet into a stream. Fun times.

These dudes in Colombia are being just as innovative with their beer delivery services. Rather than — ugh — carrying cases of beer down a hill, they’ve devised a perfect method for riding the cases of beer down a steep hill like a sled. It’s a cerveza thrill ride.

Best of all, no beer is harmed in the delivery. Otherwise, it’d be alcohol abuse. Everyone wins!