Woman Driver Gets Slathered In Sticky Karma After Driving On Sidewalk

by 6 years ago

Russia leads the globe in douchebag drivers and it’s not even close. Russians have taken ‘defensive driving’ to mean ‘I’m going to do whatever the hell I want, and the rest of the world needs to get out of my way.’ It’s so bad that nearly every driver in Russia has a dashcam to document just how awful the other drivers on the road are, and when every driver inevitably gets into an accident they have video footage proving the unbelievable.

Well, in order to take a stand against the unsafe douchebaggery taking place on Russian roads, a group of youths have banded together to create the ‘Stop a Douchebag’ movement. Their entire goal is to enforce Russian traffic laws, making the roads safer.

In this video they’re posted up on a sidewalk, and are catching drivers trying to skirt traffic who’ve driven off the road and onto an actual sidewalk to get out of a traffic jam. Stateside this maneuver would be unthinkable, but as I labored on about before, this is Russia and drivers seem to think that anything goes (and often it does).

Most drivers are pretty responsive, turn around, and head back into traffic with their hands caught in the cookie jar. But one driver, this evil succubus wench of a Russian, she’s not having it. She think it’s much easier to throw a fucking temper tantrum and lay on her horn. So as she chooses to act like a toddler throwing a tantrum, she then gets dealt with like a toddler (and of course there’s more than one unreasonable driver, but I’ll let you watch the video before I spoil it all):

I have to say I’m impressed that they chose to use real stickers in place of decals. As many of you may know, stickers are fucking impossible to get off a car window, and pretty much require a razor blade for removal.

So she deservedly got served up a sticky portion of karma for acting like a little brat, and the roads of Russia are likely safer with her learning a valuable lesson, wins all around.


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