Watch This Guy Torment His Cute Girlfriend With Prank After Prank And Be Amazed She Doesn’t Kill Him

rob pugh torments girlfriend pranks

YouTube - Rob Pugh Videos

Remember that guy, Rob Pugh, who bought a dollar store claw grabber and trolled his family with it for months? If not, go watch this. Good stuff.

Well, now he’s back and now he’s just pulling prank after prank after prank on his poor, yet super cute girlfriend. Sure, he gets slapped and even knocked to the ground at least once, but it’s all in good fun. At least for him.

If this video has taught me nothing else it’s that Rob Pugh might have the greatest, most tolerant girlfriend on the planet. I wonder if he knows just how lucky he is? I bet he does.

(Now if we could just get him to shoot the videos horizontally…)