I’m Running Through Walls To Go To The Gym After Listening To This Friggin Maniac Trash All Over The Mannequin Challenge

I don’t know who Robert Frank is, but I fucking love him. Apparently, he’s a weightlifter with a YouTube account where he gives motivational speeches in his videos and yells so fiercely that I imagine that his anterior cerebral artery burst a long time ago. My throat hurts just listening to Robert Frank scream his fucking face off, but it’s all worth it.

In this incredible video, Mr. Frank so eloquently discusses the mannequin challenge.

“FUCK THIS SHIT!!! That’s all we need is more motherfuckers standing around not doing shit when it’s Saturday, International Arm Day. These motherfuckers should be in the gym doing the guido pump!”

Mr. Frank astutely points out the obvious problem with spending all of your time as a motionless mannequin.

“Why be frozen in time when you can be jacked and tanned and juicy as fuck?”

No doubt. The quest to be juicy AF should truly be everyone’s #1 priority.

He signs off the video by saying, “Swole is the goal, size is the prize. It’s gains-o-clock motherfuckers, let’s gooooooo!!!”

Goodness gracious this gentleman is a fucking animal.

Robert Frank also shits on Pokemon.

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