Look At This Picture Of The Rock During Leg Day And Realize You’re A Complete Wuss

Do you do leg day? You should. Girls don’t like men with toothpick calves who do cardio and can’t push more than 120 on a leg press, or at least that’s what my girlfriend told me when she dumped my ass for a guy who actually does partake in leg day. You know who else does leg day?

The Rock.

In preparation for his upcoming film Central Intelligence that will begin shooting 2 weeks from now, The Rock has been hitting the gym hard and it shows. I mean look at him:

Bro doesn’t fuck around.

According to Rock, his character was “relentlessly bullied in high school” due to being “different” than the other students, but turns it around to become the CIA’s most dangerous contract killer years later.

But really…leg day. Holy shit.

[Images via Instagram]