Guys Shoot An Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher RPG-7 At 45 Layers Of Bulletproof Glass: Who Ya Got?



The YouTube channel ‘Crash Zone’ got their hands on an anti-tank rocket launcher RPG-7 and from there they turned on the high-speed camera to see what would happen when they shot their rocket into 45 layers of 400mm thick bulletproof glass (measuring 16 inches thick). You’d think that an RPG-7 would absolutely demolish any amount of glass, after all it is a rocket. But this is some of the thickest, most robust bulletproof glass known to man. Below is the video and after that are a few GIFs of the impact in high-definition slow-mo:

Ultimately I walked away from this video wondering how in the heck I can get my hands on a RPG-7 to mess around in a field like these guys. Seriously, how in the hell do I get to perform experiments like this? Anyways, here’s all the best action broken down in animated GIFs:

Only in Russia…