When You Hear The Term ‘Roller Coaster Restaurant’, What Comes To Mind? I Bet It’s Not This Bullshit

I’ll get really jacked about stuff just reading a headline. This headline had me super fired up…

“Roller Coaster Restaurant Opens In Abu Dhabi”

A roller coaster restaurant? People eat in moving cars? Does the car stop to eat? Do you just a ride a continuous ride until your hot dog is done? Are the waitresses in the car too? How much time do workers spend cleaning up vomit. SO MANY QUESTIONS! CLICK!

Oh. It’s a food joint that delivers food via a roller coaster. God damn headline tricks!

This sounds like a terrible idea. An even worse idea than eating in a roller coaster but at least that was interesting. So, what, if my order is fucked up I’ve to to complain to a Tilt-A-Whirl? I’m supposed to sit there and watch food get delivered to other tables via The Wild Mouse? This blows. I’m making my own roller coaster restaurant where every eats during a 70-foot free fall.

“Here are your onion rings, I’ll just throw them at you when you drop. See you at the bottom.”

H/T Luxuo

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