Advocacy Group Hopes These Adorable Rolling Papers Will Prevent People From Smoking And Driving

by 4 years ago
Car Rolling Papers

We Save Lives / YouTube

Being zero steps closer to solving the issue of drinking and driving, advocates have turned their attention to another “danger” and I’m only putting that in quotes because drinking and driving is a real concern but this..this seems like bullshit.

We Save Lives, a highway safety group, claims “there has been a dramatic increase with users driving while impaired on marijuana.” This is according to studies done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Even though the organization said themselves “eh there’s really not enough data yet to say either way.”

We Save Lives is attempting to bring those numbers (which don’t really exist) down by creating their own adorable rolling papers that will hopefully prevent weed enthusiasts from toking and turning the wheel.

To bring national attention to address this public safety problem, the nation’s leading anti-drugged driving
organization, We Save Lives, has created the Weed Advisor Rolling Papers, a regular marijuana smoking
paper with a non-toxic printed design that animates when rolled, revealing a car crash along with the message:
“Pot slows your reactions, don’t smoke and drive.”

Hoping to gain marijuana smokers’ attention by using the rolling papers to convey a message depicting a car
crash, We Save Lives wanted to be certain the message was delivered before consumption. The intention was
to bring attention to marijuana smokers who would hopefully notice the car crash imprint on their rolled
“joint”, making it possible to start a conversation about the importance of not driving under the influence of

To launch this initiative, two thousand packs of rolling papers where distributed to more than two
dozen marijuana outlets during World Cannabis Week in Denver, Colorado in hopes of gaining the attention
and trust of influencers and smokers. Currently more packs of Weed Advisor Rolling Papers are being
produced and will be available online or through licensing.

Awww..look at the cute little cars. Zoom zoom, puff puff.

These rolling papers are sure to be hours of fun, and laughs, for drivers and passengers on our nation’s highways.

“I DO!”

Making them crash is fun. Watching them burn is even funner.

[via High Times]

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