Pro-Tip: If You’re Gonna Drop ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’ Before A Fight You Better Be Someone Important (Video)



Listen up bros: if you’re ever going to drop ‘do you know who I am?’ before you get into a fight or try to start a fight then you sure as heck have a name that carries some weight. Now I’m not saying you need to be a local celebrity or anything, but if you’re gonna name drop in the context of having a Big Swinging Dick then you at least need to be able to back that up. That is not the case with the video below. Below we’ve got Ronnie Pickering of Nowhereville, UK. He’s all riled up and wanting to fight this dude on a motorcycle who’s filming from the GoPro mounted on his helmet. This is the funniest video I’ve seen this month:

I just want to send a big shout out to Ronnie Pickering’s wife for sitting in that car while her husband had a complete meltdown. That look on her face says everything, the ‘great, Ronnie’s being Ronnie again’ look that she’s developed over the years. I like to imagine that Ronnie Pickering just drives around town trying to fight anyone and dropping ‘Do you know who I am?’ in hopes that people will then go forth into the world and spread ‘the word of Ronnie’. Which is precisely what happened in this situation.

Ronnie Pickering rolled up on a motorcycle, name dropped himself, got the world’s best reaction on camera, and then the video began to go viral. Now we all know the name ‘Ronnie Pickering’ and I’ll never forget it.