Room-Rocking Brawl Erupts At Poker Tables

These two dudes went all in with a brutal fight at the poker tables in a casino. The crazy thing is that they weren’t even at the same table. I was betting on the big guy in gray based on his size and that he was talking a lot of shit. But apparently a case of Muscle Milk and a Gold’s Gym membership doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be a good fighter.

The guy in gray dominates early and pushes the dude in red on the poker table. But the action gets even more aggressive when red antes up and takes gray to the ground with authority. The big guy needs to stop rocking shirt in a size small because it kept coming off and really hindered his effort.

I really like the move by the guy in the red shirt when he used his opponent’s head as a battering ram into the wall. Why get your knuckles all bloody when you can use a massive object to injure your combatant.

How do the other poker players not start shoveling chips into their pockets with this perfect distraction going on?

In the end, the guy in the gray needs to learn when to hold’em, know when to fold’em and know when to walk away before you get your ass beat.

I bet there wasn’t one person that told the guy in red, “Don’t splash the pot.”