Bro Documents His Descent Into Madness After His Roommate Doesn’t Get Home In EPIC Snapchat Story

This evening a Bro hit up the BroBible tip line with the epic tale of the time he didn’t show at the time he told his roommate was home. The roommate running late —  a Redditor by the name of Trynafinna a.k.a. Ricky — said he’d be home at 9 PM, but didn’t return until much, much later that night. So the lonely roommate looking to chill — let’s call him Alex — embarked on an epic 277 second Snapchat story. It’s quite possibly the greatest thing to ever happen on Snapchat. Freaking out around the apartment, Alex sent Ricky a barrage of Snapchat Snaps documenting his descent into madness, which include encounters with a bong named Georgina and a bowl named Oswald.

Ricky sent BroBible screenshots of Alex’s Snapchat adventures. It’s like an Edgar Allen Poe tale, except with Bros who have awesome names for the bongs they own and dick around on Snapchat all day. We’re trying to find out what happened that caused Ricky to get home so late, leaving his roommate is much peril. We’ll let you know.

In the meantime, I can’t even fathom how much weed these two smoked when Ricky finally made it home that evening. College rules.

UPDATE: Ricky says he got home at 9:40. Case closed.

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