Roommate started dating this girl…. Am I overreacting to how clingy they are?

​So lets just start with some background info:

They started “seeing” each other about 6 to 9 weeks ago. Since the first night I’ve met her she has slept over. That’s at least 6 times per week. I can understand the want to sleep next to someone who’s willing to fuck your brains out, but why can’t they go to her place? The excuse is this- one of her all guy roommates is her ex.  I guess they feel awkward being in his shared apartment, so my roommate brings it back to our place… 

Anyways, as you can all imagine, every morning it’s slightly uncomfortable. They have their 2 minute make out sesh before we part ways for work. Did I ask to see this? Am I supposed to tolerate it as a good bro?

Affection aside- he will bail on riding to work to simply send her off happily every morning when he’ll see her in 8 hours. That stopped this week when he let her “sleep in” while we went to work. Just let her stay till whenever she had work (1 pm). I was not asked about this, and he simply said “it doesnt happen often”… SO THIS HAPPENED ALREADY@?!? wtf. Am I out of line as a bro?

or should I speak up?