Blink And You’ll Miss This Robot Setting The Rubik’s Cube World Record

Some robots exist to make our lives better or easier. That Roomba Robot Vacuum your parents have turned on all day that cleans the floors is fantastic. Sex robots are improving lives across the planet each and every day. The robot above? It’s just sucking the fun out of life. Make sure you watch this full clip to see the robot solve this Rubik’s Cube in real time and slowed down to really get a sense of how fucking fast that robot is.

The robot in this clip from Guinness World Records has set a new Rubik’s Cube record by solving the cube in just 0.637 seconds. This is a monumental achievement for roboticists as the level of learning here required to solve this cube is so complex my feeble mind can’t even begin to process it.

What I do find mildly interesting is the colors on this Rubik’s Cube are different from the traditional colors. Presumably, these colors are different on the spectrum to make it easier for the robot’s sensors to pick up the panels.

I’m sure there are thousands of practical applications this type of machine can be applied to, but at the moment I’m failing to think of any.

For comparison’s sake, here’s footage of the Rubik’s Cube World Record set by a human back in November of last year.