Rudy Giuliani, Who Was Mayor Of New York On 9/11, Says There Was Never A Terror Attack On The U.S. Before Barack Obama

The past week or so we’ve seen an utterly amazing effort by Donald Trump surrogates attempting to place blame on Barack Obama for a litany of shit.

All of it’s been hilariously false. There were two efforts by Katrina Pierson, Trump’s spokeswoman, who said that the 2004 death of captain Humayun Khan in Iraq was “probably” the result of the Obama administration’s change in the rules of engagement in Afghanistan in 2009, and then this weekend, the claim that Barack Obama invaded Afghanistan.

Boy did I not think any of those falsehoods could be topped, but here is former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, opening a rally for Donald Trump.

It’s clunkily worded. He’s referring to the implementation of the Patriot Act, and how there was never a successful terrorist act on U.S. after 9/11. Until that is, Obama took office.

It’s a (almost) correct statement, but more so than that, it’s a bad faith argument. First off, there were two shootings that occurred during the Bush administration, and math-wise, his number are off (eight years before Obama took office was January 2001).

Of course, in the eight years Obama’s been president, 91 people have been killed on American soil by the radical Islamic terrorists Giuliani’s so fucking riled up about.

Three thousand people died under George Bush, when the threat of radical Islamic terrorism was just as well-known.

It’s also an argument the candidate he’s hyping doesn’t believe.

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