9 Rules Of The Beach Every Bro Needs To Know

by 4 years ago
rules of the beach


I love the beach, you love the beach, we all love the beach, but without rules, we’d have anarchy, and the beach is no different. Now I’m not talking about lame lifeguard “Don’t go in the water when…” rules. I’m talking about social rules, those unwritten rules that we all must follow so we don’t ruin beach day for everyone else. So, in order to ensure that we all have a good time at the beach this summer, here are nine rules of the beach that everyone needs to know.

Don’t Feed the Birds

You see this every damn time you go to the beach. Some newb gets all excited because, uh, because I guess they’ve never seen a goddamn bird before? They start throwing Doritos at seagulls and pretty soon the entire beach is swarming with them. They’re like mean, angry rats with giant wings. How is this fun for anyone? They scrap over the stray Dorito like they’re in bird Fight Club, then they fly away and shit all over everyone. Good times!

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