Rumblr Is An App That Allows You To Fight Someone Anytime, Anywhere. It’s Like ‘Tinder For Fight Club’

by 5 years ago


Have you ever wanted to throw down but didn’t want to assault an innocent stranger? Well, now you can use Rumblr (Tinder for Fighting) to meet up with likeminded individuals and throw down. Anytime, anywhere, you can just pull up the app and meet someone to fight. It doesn’t stop there though. Maybe you just want to be a spectator and watch some fights instead of getting your nose readjusted? With Rumblr you can find fights to watch.

Don’t think you’re the kind of bro that’d use Rumblr? Let me take you through a likely scenario: say you’re flying the red eye from Albuquerque to Poughkeepsie but have a 3-hour layover in St. Louis and all you want to do is punch something or get punched just so you can feel for the first time since you started working at your shitty ass job…well, there’s finally an app for that, because the future is now. Or say you’re a truck driver who’s at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel while driving eastbound and down. You can pop open Rumblr, find someone to kick you in the nuts, and go on about your business.

So how’s it work? Let’s take a look…







This really takes me back to the days of H.S. when dudes would throw down in a fast food parking lot (in Florida, of course) just because one of them looked at the other the wrong way. Smartphones have finally given those dudes with a short fuse an outlet to fight, which as barbaric as it sounds it might actually prevent quite a few random fights in the world.

If you’re interested in checking out Rumblr you can CLICK HERE to get the app!

UPDATE 1: VICE’s MotherBoard is reporting that the app is the brainchild of a creative agency and a viral stunt, but I think given the nature of this app every single person alive knew this when they first saw the headlines…right?

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